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Peter Bruno, CEO

Institute of Wall Street Studies

Peter Bruno began his career in the securities industry more than 45 years ago with the national investment firm of Loeb Rhoades & Co. In the last five years with Loeb, Peter was the Training Director, responsible for corporate management and sales training and for preparing the firm's representatives for their various securities licensing examinations. In 1972 he left this firm to establish a training school, providing private licensing seminars throughout the country. Peter founded the Institute of Wall Street Studies as an outgrowth of this successful securities licensing training school where over 40,000 stock brokers have received their licenses using seminars and materials originally created by him.

Beginning in 1978, the school staff conducted a series of public information seminars on how the investment market works. Because these seminars were usually filled to capacity, it became apparent that investors wanted the information with which to wield more direct influence over the management of their investment portfolios. It also became obvious that the public wanted a clear alternative to the traditional client/broker relationship.

Peter's background and experience covers over fifty years experience in the financial industry including that as Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Wall Street Money Center, a conglomerate organization and umbrella company owning a Registered Investment Advisory Firm and broker dealer as well as the publisher of various investment advisory newsletters. Peter was also the founder and owner of a Wall Street training school responsible for training over 40,000 individuals for their licensing exams. On his radio program, Peter discusses his proprietary concepts of investment analysis and risk management disciplines.


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