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Our Newsletter advisory services provide concierge monitoring capability. Simply choose one or all of our newsletters that suit your interest. The Institute of Wall Street Studies Corporation invites you to subscribe to any of our newsletters and take advantage of our exclusive concierge advisory service. We offer a number of newsletters to suit your personal investing interest. In order to get the best results, you will need to subscribe to one of our advisories AND to one of our investment services. Here's how to get started:

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When it comes to investing, risk and reward go hand in hand. The phrase 'no pain, no gain' - comes close to summing up the relationship between risk and reward. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: all investments involve some degree of risk. The reward for taking on risk is the potential for a greater investment return. If you have a financial goal with a long time horizon, you may make more money by carefully investing.

Option A: Treasury Concierge: Capital Preservation Investment Advisory
For the past 30 years, Mr. Bruno has offered this very popular (Nest Egg) conservative managed account through his Investment Advisor Management Service. This is our most conservative strategy with the objective of guaranteeing that there will be no investment loss to the investor's initial principle investment. There has never been any loss of principle during the life of these managed accounts. Mr. Bruno applies this same strategy of timing the buying and selling of U.S. Treasury Investments to our Concierge Nest Egg service. There is no safer investment than U.S. Treasury Securities which are guaranteed by the U.S Government. You will have the opportunity to focus your trading on Treasury Issues when Interest Rates are cycling down and selling or hedging your longer term positions when Interest Rates are cycling up. Once you subscribe, we'll connect with you personally to determine your desired investment focus.

Option B: Income Concierge Advisory: Income Generating Techniques
This option is for those investors seeking to generate monthly and annual dividend and interest income on their investment capital. This is an attractive strategy in lieu of the many free trades and other perks offered by many of the competing brokerage firms in the field and also incorporates our Dividend Capture strategy. At the client's discretion, Income generating Options Strategies may also be employed within this service.

Option C: Wall Street Money Tree Advisory: Short Term Trades
This is our most aggressive analysis using our very short term trading cycles. You will have the opportunity to focus your trading on our very short term cycles using our proprietary Cycle Analysis Strategy. This is an attractive strategy in lieu of the many free trades and other perks offered by many of the competing brokerage firms in the field in incorporating our Dividend Capture strategy. Trading the major market indices as well has shorter term individual stock profit taking strategies are utilized as well. At the client's discretion, Shorter Term Options Strategies may also be incorporated in this service.

Option D: Wall Street Money Letter Advisory: Long Term Investments
Our primary cycle technology is used for investment analysis in order to identify the longer term directional movement in stock prices. You will have the opportunity to focus on your favorite individual stock investments as well as the leading stocks in the up trending market sectors such as the well known FANG stocks. Stock such as FaceBook, Amazon, Netflix and Google have in the accounted for the majority of the percentage gain in the major stock market indices. At the client's discretion, Longer Term Options Strategies may also be incorporated in this service.

Option E: Wall Street Trading Letter Advisory: Short Term Investments
The Bruno Oscillator Trading Strategy is not a trading strategy for the faint of heart. It consists of cycles that are a combination of indicators forming an aggressive shorter term cycle incorporated within a three system cycle oscillator identifying overbought and oversold investment price criteria. In most cases, if not all, buy and sell decisions suggested in this newsletter in other categories would not only be counter to our cycle recommendations offered, but would also violate the basic tenants of investing. Buying when everyone is selling and selling when everyone is buying is certainly a contrarian's trading strategy and decision, but the objective of trading is to make money and with high risk also comes high rewards. What is important in trading is buying at the right price and more importantly, profiting by selling at the right moment.

Option F: Wall Street Contrarian Advisory
Definition of Contrarian Investor: "An investor who buys shares of stock when most others are selling and sells when others are buying." Our Oscillator cycles are primarily used as contrarian indicators for buying and selling within this advisory. Good stocks at times get overbought meaning that everyone who wanted to buy a stock has already bought. This condition leaves only sellers left to take profits. Similarly, stocks which have declined in price get oversold when every investor who wanted to sell has already sold leaving bargain hunters left to buy at lower prices. Our oscillator cycle strategy has been able to identify these extremes to take advantage of an anticipated profit potential

Option G: Bear Market Concierge Advisory
Historically, Bear Markets take place on average, every few years with an average rate of loss of 46%. Although many investors believe they are better off staying with their stocks because timing the market is difficult. However one should realize that there are many safe and alternatives investments choices when a Bear Market arrives. The key is to prepare your portfolio for that event before any damage to your portfolio takes place.

Option H: Warren Buffett Stock Concierge Advisory
Currently known as the greatest investor of our times, Warren Buffett's publicly traded stocks are owned by his holding company Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) as reported to the Securities and Exchange. This advisory tracks this portfolio plus stocks meeting his noted fundamental analysis used by him in selecting stocks for this portfolio. The key to our outstanding performance of this portfolio, which has improved and returned better results than those reported by Berkshire Hathaway, is our use of our proprietary cycles in timing the buying and selling of this portfolio. Many years ago, on my Managing Your Money radio program, I reported our buy and sell signals for this portfolio on a weekly basis generating over a 14% profitable annual return. This return using our unique cycle analysis outperformed the publicly reported results of Berkshire Hathaway.

Option I: Teen Investment Concierge Advisory
This advisory uses our very longest term Bull Market cycles which are secular market cycles identifying the longer term directional movement of individual stocks. Issues within our secular long term cycle tend to move in price similar to a staircase which has three steps up and two steps down. The concept is that eventually, prices move to their highest levels although market volatility has limited profit taking experiences. At times, we are able to add to portfolio positions during any retracement in price building a solid long term portfolio of good quality stocks for long term investing. Securities selected for this portfolio are those issues that a younger investor could relate too including many stocks within the social media arena.

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Along with your Advisory Subscription; you are also enrolled in one of our exclusive investing services. We'll provide you with personalized guidance on when to make your next move in the market. You'll receive insight, action alerts emails and texts in detail on exactly what the market is doing and how you can profit. This allows maximum flexibility. You choose the securities that you're interested in and you are covered with our guidance.

Option A: Concierge Service: On Demand Analysis
You maintain complete control over your investment portfolio. We simply provide you with timely information and insight to help you make informed decisions based on our current cycle analysis forecasts so that you can reduce the risk of major losses - as often as you like. You'll have access to contact us for unlimited, personalized analysis. We keep up with the market intraday and we even keep an eye on future trends. We'll give you the best times to buy, sell or hold the stocks you're interested in so that you can maximize profitability. Subscription to our Concierge Service is $389.00 monthly

Option B: Lead Trader Service: Mirror Our Trades
Again, you maintain complete control over your investment portfolio. Our Lead Trader Concierge Service generates instant intraday emails and text messages to subscribers whenever a new buy or sell trade is made within OUR personal trading account. You'll have the ability to 'mirror' (that is, watch and automatically copy) the trades that we make - all generated by our proprietary cycle research. Subscription to our Lead Trader Service is $189.00 monthly.

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